Get Rid of the Squeaking

By December 10, 2014Noisy Door

Metal on metal. It’s that horrible screeching sound when you open and close your garage door. Wanna fix it? Here’s what you need:


A bottle of grease/oil/silicone spray (here’s a bestseller you can try)

A step ladder in case there are hard-to-reach places

Old clothes and protective gear for your face/eyes

An old towel or rag


  1. Close your garage door.
  2. Take your old rag and wipe down all the metal parts you see. You have to get all the old gunk off before the grease spray can stick.
  3. Then spray the hinges, springs, and other moving parts of your garage door.
  4. Open and close the garage door a couple times to move the oil around.
  5. Open the garage a little bit, leaving it partially open (so you can reach new areas of the opener).
  6. Spray the tracks, rollers, and anything you may have missed.
  7. Open and close the garage door a couple more times.