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You’ll want to check out this awesome game day outdoor patio idea. Maybe it’s too big and bold for your taste, but maybe it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Who doesn’t want a temperature controlled outdoor living space? In this cool Houzz find, you can see that homeowners got creative with garage doors. Instead of housing a car, they decided to house at big screen TV for entertaining in their backyard. It’s good for safety, good for looks, and good for easy access. It’s one of many awesome ideas that was provided by our manufacturer Clopay for outdoor patio decor.

The world is shifting from garage doors being a functional necessity to garage doors being a partition between the outdoor and indoor living spaces in your home. One of the many reasons this is happening is because garage door manufacturers like Clopay are getting more and more savvy with design. The Avante garage door collection by Clopay is specifically designed to function either as a beautiful garage door that lets in more light or as a space partition (that also functions as a window). Check out these awesome spaces and get ideas on how to make your outdoor space more accessible.

If you’re ready to overhaul your outdoor living space, or if you simply just need a new garage door or garage door repair, give Deluxe Door Systems a call. We do the simple things from spring replacements to fixing your off-the-track rollers to full on garage makeovers. We’ll be happy to help with anything you need in Columbus or the surrounding areas, like Blacklick, Bexley, Upper Arlington, Dublin, Grove City, and pretty much anywhere around the Columbus loop.


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