Preventative Garage Door Maintenance

Preventative Garage Door Maintenance

The first day of fall hit in the middle of a heat wave this year, but that doesn’t change the fact that we know true fall and then frigid winter is just around the corner. We do live in Ohio, after all.

And one thing we’re a big fan of is preventative garage door maintenance. Because preventative garage door maintenance means fewer problems down the line – like making an emergency call in the dead of winter because your garage door is holding your car captive.

So we’ve gathered our favorite preventative garage door maintenance tips, just for you:

  • Look and listen. Is your garage door running smoothly? Take a second to clean out the tracks and add some lubricant. This will help stave off anything humidity may have done to your garage during the summer (or this crazy heat stroke we’re in).
  • Level up. Using a simple construction level can tell you whether your door or tracks have warped. You can get a repair done now instead of waiting till your garage won’t budge.
  • Replace the weather stripping. Don’t underestimate this tough little guy. Good weather stripping helps keep the heat or cold out of your garage and actually helps buffer your indoor temperatures, cutting your heating costs. Look for brittle or cracked stripping. It’s easy and cheap to replace and available at most hardware stores.
  • Spring into action. Look for broken, stretched or chipped springs and rollers. If they’re damaged, they’ll need replaced fairly quickly. If you’re looking to DIY, check out our tips, but please be careful, as broken springs can be very dangerous. You can always call us instead. This is what we do.
  • Check the battery. Sometimes it’s as simple as that, and no repair needed. That’s a good day in our book.

Now that we’ve checked off our preventative garage door maintenance list, we can all relax. No matter what season, we’re here if you need us – we are at your service any time, and repair all over Columbus and the surrounding areas.

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What Our Customers are Saying

You could not ask for better service. They came a few hours after we called them and were very courteous and knowledgeable. I do not remember the name of the man who did our service, but he was A++. I would highly recommend them. He replaced both springs, as per our request and had the seal to replace our torn one. Previously (with a different company), we had to order the seal. This man knew how to install the seal so that it would not slip and tear as the two previous seal had done.