Replacing Garage Door Springs

By March 24, 2017Springs
How to Avoid Replacing Garage Door Springs

Replacing garage door springs is usually the biggest repair we run into at Deluxe Door Systems. Just a couple weeks ago, a Gahanna homeowner ran into this very problem. We were out to visit him in less than a day and had him back on track (pun intended) in no time. Because we are replacing garage door springs all the time, we are really good at it. It’s not an easy job, and it can be dangerous. If the tension caused by the springs released, the door could come crashing down. On you. Or your cat. That’s why people like us are around.

Spring has finally arrived, and you’re probably going to be using that garage door opener a lot more. Running kids to soccer practice, mowing the lawn, and garage sales will soon put your garage door into go-mode. It got a pounding by cold air and shifting temperatures this winter, so treat your garage door springs well by following these rules:

Replacing Garage Door Springs | What to Do to Avoid It

  1. Lubricate your garage door springs and all other moving parts of your garage door opener system once a month or on some other regular schedule. You can buy in-store or order these on Amazon: 3-in-One Garage Door Lubricant or WD-40 Multi-Use Spray. People don’t typically know to do this for their garage door, and end up replacing garage door springs too often. Don’t be those people. Be awesome. Lubricate your garage door springs.
  2. Listen. This step sounds ridiculous, but it’s so true. We all listen to our car when it starts making funky noises. Listen to your garage door, too. Note any out-of-the-ordinary screeching or grinding. If it continues even after you diligently oil it, consider calling us for a tune-up or to just check it out in general.

If you’re unsure whether or not your springs are the problem, here’s a test you can do at home.

We never want to see people replacing garage door springs. It’s a pain for the customer. But it happens, and our only hope is that when it does, YOU trust us to help. We do garage door repair in Columbus and the surrounding areas, so contact us with any garage door question or repair, and we’ll take care of it.


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We called late afternoon and someone was there first thing the next morning. The technician replaced the wheels, and then found out the motor in our opener was shot. He rebuilt it in about 20 minutes. The door now runs so much smoother and with just a fraction of the noise it used to make.