Replacing Weather Stripping Can Lower Your Heating Bill


Weather Stripping

It’s finally cold in Ohio, and sadly there probably won’t be another 70 degree day until mid-spring at least. If the battle to keep the heat off till the last possible moment was finally lost to your wife and her 13 sweaters, maybe you can try another way to keep the heating bills from going up.

Cold air gets in from everywhere – including the garage. But you can fix that, and sometimes it’s not even about insulating your garage. We’re talking about the weather stripping on your garage door – the seal that keeps that frigid air out. Weather stripping can dry out, crack, or get damaged, and cold air starts seeping in. And your wife gets colder. And the heating bills go up.

The good news is, weather stripping is pretty easy to replace! It’s a simple repair for us, or if you want to give it a go, you can get weather stripping materials at most home improvement or appliance stores. Here are some tips on what to check:


There are three places your door should be sealed: top, bottom, and sides.

The weather stripping at the sides and top are normally attached to the frame and have a flap that seals off the garage door. The bottom weather seal slides onto a track, or retainer, on the bottom of the door. Check for cracks, sagging, or close the garage door with the light off to see if any light is coming in.


The Bottom Seal

The bottom weather seal serves two purposes: to keep out the elements, and to provide a cushion for the garage door when it goes down. There are often different kinds of bottom weather seals to accommodate different kinds of doors, so double check what you need.


Take measurements before you go!

We all have done it and nobody likes it – getting to the store and realizing there are lots of shapes and sizes, and we forgot to measure. Same goes with weather stripping. You’ll want the height and length of your door, as well as the width!


Replacing Weather Stripping

It’s not hard, but it does require some prying with the hammer to get the old stuff off, and nailing the new stuff in. Always wear protective gear and be careful not to hurt yourself or the door frame.


If you checked your weather stripping and decided it needs replaced, but you don’t have the time to do it, call us. We’ll be there in a jiffy – possibly even before your wife says she’s cold.


What Our Customers are Saying: 

Excellent experience overall.  The exterior of our house was in process of being painted and we needed the garage door weather stripping replaced quickly before painter painted garage doors and trim. Jenn in the office took my call and scheduled me for next day service.  She also walked me through the weatherstripping options and explained I could come into office to take home color samples to match up with my house paint.  They stock Clopay accessories, the same manufacturer as my garage doors so I was assured of compatibility.  Picked up the color samples that same afternoon, called the next morning with my color selection.

They even recognized there was one additional color I should consider, and sent the technician to my house with the additional color sample first thing in morning before finalizing the color selection and picking up materials from warehouse. Jeremy the technician was right on time and did nice work, scraping off old paint and caulking before applying the new materials so the finished product after house painting looked great. The pricing was competitive with other garage door service providers and became a no brainer with the Angie’s List service call discount they offered. Excellent service provided, both from the staff in the office and Jeremy doing the actual work.  Exceeded my expectations with all the help on the color selection and getting the work done within 24 hours of my call!


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