Garage Door Scam in Columbus Ohio

Here’s a garage door scam to watch out for. One that makes the hair on the back of Jeff’s neck stand up straight.

All over the internet, you’ll see ads for garage door services. Lorrie Nelville recently got caught in the trap when she dished out about $700 to a company who doesn’t even exist. She described her experience as “a mess.”

After hearing all this, investigators decided to go undercover to expose those sneaky rats.

And they started their scam investigation in Grove City, OH.

Investigators installed cameras for an appointment with Grove City Garage Door Inc., which had an A+ rating on BBB. The tech informed the homeowners that the rollers were no longer working and that their garage would basically fall off the tracks and crush them.

Add in a motor problem and a few odds and ends, and the bill racked up.

Investigators watched as the homeowner left and the tech did nothing but play on his iPhone. Then the inspector informed them that it would be about $564.00 to fix all the problems he found.

That’s when the investigators came to us.

They had Deluxe Door Systems superstar and owner Jeff Mays come take a look. In his words: “Everything here’s in perfect working order. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

When asked about garage doors falling off the rollers and killing the homeowner, he responded: “There’s no chance.”

The story ends with the Grove City Garage Door tech getting called out by investigators, and him promptly getting himself caught in a corner he didn’t like.

Long story long, when people are getting scammed, they come to us after. And they keep using us, because we’re not scammers. You’re thinking, that’s exactly what a scammer would say. But you can read the full investigator story here on ABC6 to see we’re one of the good guys. And we hope we can prove that to you.

If you live in and around Columbus, hate garage door scams, want good work done at a fair price, and want work done fast…let us know. We do garage door services in and around the I-270 belt. Like Grove City, Delaware, Lewis Center, Upper Arlington, Bexley, Clintonville, Gahanna, Westerville, and oh-so-many-more.


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