See New Garage Doors Before You Buy

new garage door columbus

Visualizing a garage door on your house can be difficult. We’ve heard stories of people buying new garage doors that just don’t look quite right, either in color or in style. It’s a big decision, and we’re happy to say we have two easy ways you see what your garage door looks like before you buy it.

The Tech-Savvy Way with Clopay

Our manufacturer, Clopay, has something called the Clopay Door Imagination System. All you do is upload a picture of your home, and you can plug different versions of garage doors into the system to see what they’ll look like with your house. You can narrow down whether windows look great or not, or whether a modern versus a classic look will work on your house. The possibilities are endless.

The Real Feel with Deluxe Door Systems

The tech-savvy way is great, but there’s nothing quite like getting up close and personal when searching for a garage door. At Deluxe Door Systems in the Worthington/Columbus area, we have a showroom with multiple styles of doors so you can get an actual feel of what your new garage door will be like. All of a sudden you may not like the look of ornate windows and want something more simple. Or maybe the Avante modern style collection grows on you after you see some frosted windows in person. There’s something for every style. In person. You can pop by anytime Monday-Friday during normal business hours. If you’d like to pop in on the weekend, just give us a call.

You’re only a few steps away from figuring out which garage door is right for your home. We’re here to help. Deluxe Door Systems does garage door installation and 24/7 emergency repair in Columbus and the surrounding areas – from Lewis Center to Grove City, from Gahanna to Hilliard, and everything in-between. Just contact us for more info!

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