Summer Garage Door Maintenance – Things to Check

summer garage door maintenance

Summer is great for getting outside, cracking those bikes and basketballs out of the garage, and planning as many cookouts as possible. But as you’re in and out, there are a few things to check in your garage that can be affected by humidity and sunlight. While springs, cables, and rollers tend to need repair in the winter, the summer  tends to give us some different issues.

Summer Garage Door Maintenance Issues

  • SENSOR MALFUNCTION. Direct sun can sometimes make your sensors think that something is obstructing your garage door when there’s nothing there. Kind of annoying, we know. Thankfully, we have a quick fix. You can use little bits of cardboard or aluminum foil to make a “shade” for your sensor – and often the problem is solved just like that! No need to replace anything.
  • EXTRA HUMIDITY. Humidity can cause issues with the metal parts of your garage door, so we suggest just having a decent garage door lubricant on hand to help prevent springs and garage door rollers from popping off the tracks. We recommend lubricating about once a month as part of your summer garage door maintenance to prevent anything from getting too crazy.
  • POWER OUTAGES. Thunderstorms often cause power outages in the summer months, and we get a lot of calls about it – especially in a panic when you realize your car is being held hostage in the garage, and you’re late for work. Here’s what to do when that happens to you.
  • FADING PAINT. Not really a structural issue, but fading and cracking paint can hurt your curb appeal. This is a good time of year to paint or stain your garage door, or see if your wood garage door needs re-sealed.

If you’re looking for something to completely change the look of your house, or create a perfect outdoor space for summer, check out our new garage doors! We’d be happy to help you find the perfect door to fit your style and needs – and you’d be surprised how great of an investment a garage door is for your home. If you have any questions about summer garage door maintenance or repair concerns, give us a call! We service Columbus and the surrounding areas 24/7.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“Spring and hinge broke on garage. Called Sunday and a live human answered the phone and scheduled for Monday. I did not call any other companies so I did not compare pricing. Came promptly at earliest time in appointment window. Took about a half hour. Tech said the new spring would be guaranteed for life. They sprayed wd40 on various parts and it is all working well. This company originally put my garage door in 7 years ago.”