The Beauty of a Wood Garage Door

If you want to dress your house in the Yves Saint Laurent of garage doors, you may want to consider something from Clopay’s wood collection. You won’t regret the natural look, but there are a few things you should know about upkeep that may help you with your decision-making. Take a look at some pros and cons about the maintenance and durability of WOOD GARAGE DOORS:

The Upside

You can’t beat the look and feel of a real wood garage door. There’s a kind of nostalgia that takes you back to when things were made with quality and true craftsmanship.

Manufacturers got smart. They now make wood garage doors with multiple layers per panel to prevent warping.


The Downside

While stunning in appearance, wood garage doors do require a lot more maintenance than the other materials. Painting, staining, and sealing should be done very regularly.

Because of their shorter lifespan, wood garage doors often come with warranties that are shorter in life as well. Manufacturers are banking on a little more upkeep with wood garage doors than they do with steel, for instance.

Wood garage doors have that timeless, beautiful look that you certainly can’t replicate, even with the best faux finish. If you’re sold on wood garage doors and want to see some of the Clopay styles you can choose from, check out the Classic Wood and Reserve garage door collections.


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