Turn Your Garage Into More than a Storage Room


Everyone has that one junk drawer they just can’t seem to get organized. Soon enough, that drawer becomes a junk box, which then becomes several junk boxes that end up in a closet. Many times we give up trying to sort it all out, so we shove it into the garage for storage. Before you know it, your whole garage can turn into one big junk drawer that you can’t even park your car in. But your garage can be so much more than that! Imagine all the space you could use for tailgating, DIY projects, and a play area for the kids.

So here are a few easy ways to turn your garage into more than just a storage room.


1. Organize Your Garage Into Zones
Organizing all your tools and supplies into a few “zones” can be a great way to de-clutter your garage. You can make one area your “frequently used items” zone, and another area your “workspace” zone. This article gives a good starting point to help you figure out how you’d like to organize your garage.

2. Use Your Walls For Storage
Once you figure out where you want your tools and supplies to go, you can free up a ton of floor space by using your walls as storage areas. For a pretty low price, it can save you a ton of future headaches trying to figure out which box has your kid’s sports equipment. This article gives some instructions on how to do it yourself if you’d like to give it a try.

3. Get Prepared For Every Season
No matter what weather you’re facing, you can be prepared to work and play all year long in your garage. If you’d like to use your garage during the winter, consider getting an insulated garage door. These doors are great for keeping the cold weather out, and they can actually lower your energy bills, too! And during the warmer months, garage door screens can turn your garage into the coolest hangout room on the block by letting in the breeze, but not the bugs.

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