Two (Legit) Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door This Winter

In the middle of winter, we’re going to tell you something strange.

Winter’s a great time to get a new garage door.

“Well of course you’d tell me that,” you say with an eye roll. “You’re a garage door company.”

And you’d be 50% correct. We’re always selling garage doors. (And after 30 years in business, we probably even do it in our sleep.) But there are a couple other pieces of logic to back our statement up.


Two (Legit) Reasons You Should Replace Your Garage Door This Winter:

  1. Grumpetty-Grump Garage Doors. Garage doors tend to break down and get really grumpy during the cold. Winter is hands-down our busiest repair season. We’re guessing if you’re in the market, that your garage door has seen its better days. Now’s the perfect time to avoid the potential extra cost of getting your old garage door fixed (which you’re planning on replacing anyway). Not to mention newer garage doors have great insulation, so you can even save some money over the winter with a warmer garage.
  2. It’s Payback Time. Spring is around the corner, and you are getting ready to SELL (or maybe you’re just hoping to make their neighbors jealous with some outdoor upgrades). Garage door replacement has ranked in the Top 10 Home Projects to do every year (since 2016) according to Cost Vs. Value reports, primarily because you’ll get a great return on your investment when you go to sell. And in 2020, it hit the charts at the #2 best home project to do for that very reason. In other words, your garage door pays you back.

It’s not a 10 minute decision. We get that you have to do the math, check out your garage door options, and figure out what’s going to look best on your home. Good news is: That’s an area where we can really help.

We sell Clopay Garage Doors (seriously some high-quality, beautiful garage doors), and they created this fancy Imagination System where you can upload a picture of your home and try on different garage doors to see what fits.

And we have a Worthington Garage Door Showroom. So you can pop in anytime to see them up close and personal. Just schedule a showroom appointment, and you can walk around and see which style you like best, check out the different hardware you can add, and touch the finishes up close.

The other good news is that, despite being in the middle of a pandemic, we do all our work in the fresh air, so you don’t have to worry about your family’s safety for this home project! Contact us below to get started.