Ways to Keep Your Garage Cool in the Summer


It’s not officially summer yet, but the heat has made it seem like it is. Garages are notorious for becoming unbearably hot in the summer. Whether you’re just spending time in your garage to park the car or you spend a lot of time working in there, it’s important to keep your garage cool as the heat continues to rise.

Below are some helpful tips to help cool down your garage this summer.


At the bottom of your garage door there should be weatherstripping that seals the gap between the door and the floor. As time goes by, this material can become worn out and ineffective. To figure out if this is happening, close your garage door and look at the stripping to see how effective it is. If you notice gaps of light coming through or you can just tell the material is worn, it’s time to replace the old one.


Adding insulation to the ceiling and walls of your garage can help prevent heat exchange with outside air and can help with having a more consistent temperature. Insulating the garage overhead door is another another way to keep your garage cool this summer, and it also helps with heat in the winter. Win-Win!

Ventilation Fans

Adding a ventilation fan as a permanent fixture on the wall is another great way to help with air circulation. If you’re not experienced with installing one of these, a professional may be required. The best benefit from the fan comes when you install the fan on the wall directly opposite the garage door. You should mount this high on the ceiling to push the air down.

Choose Light Colors

We all know that wearing lighter colors in the summer is a good idea because they reflect heat and darker colors like black absorb heat. This is also true for your garage. Painting your garage door and exterior colors a light color like white or cream will help to keep the heat out. If you have a detached garage, having a lighter color roof also helps.

If you have some garage cooling ideas that we missed, we’d love for you to share them with us. As always, if you need any maintenance, repair or a new garage door, call us today!

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