Wood garage doors have a grounding, warming effect on a house. So much of our modern design has so much metal incorporated, and people are continuously using wood to warm up the interior and exterior of their homes. That may be the reason you have a wood garage door, or it could be that back in the day, that’s pretty much all they offered.

If you’re one of those warm, wooden garage door owners, here are a couple things you should be aware of when it comes to wood garage door repair.


One of the biggest changes old garage doors like this goes through is warping. When your garage door starts to get out of shape, it could seriously affect the way your opener system works. If your old door is malfunctioning, that might be one of your problems. When it gets bad enough, you will have to replace the entire thing. A way to prevent this is by continually treating your wood garage door (based on advice from the manufacturer).


If you’ve got one of those older garage doors, the rollers and springs may start rusting. It’s important to lubricate your garage door rollers, hinges, and all moving parts to resist wear and tear over time.


You could have a garage door that’s stalling on occasion. Those old doors stall with the best of them. In this case it’s likely due to rust or parts that have just ground¬†against each other far too long. You may need springs or rollers replaced. Worst case scenario, you may need to replace the garage door opener system entirely.

If your garage door is giving you any of these problems, just let us know. At Deluxe Door Systems, we love to help you get back on schedule, particularly during the busy holidays. So give us a call, and we’ll fix your garage door. We do wood garage door repair along with any other garage door problem you run into in and around the I-270 belt, like Hilliard, Grove City, Bexley, Dublin, Worthington, Powell, Lewis Center, Gahanna, Upper Arlington, Blacklick… You get the picture. We go everywhere around Columbus and would love to help your garage door get back on track – literally.


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Mark and Billy diagnosed the problem, replaced a malfunctioning circuit board, reprogrammed the remotes and greased the transmission on the opener in less than twenty minutes. They were very professional. We mentioned that we were Angie’s list members and Mark gave us a $10.00 discount as Angie’s list members.