Your Garage Before & After

Before & After pictures are addicting to look at. They catch our eye because we love seeing ugly things become pretty. Remember  ABC’S Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition where houses get completely overhauled? Or really any HGTV show these days where a homeowner’s dream home becomes a reality? We LOVE these kinds of shows, because 1) they show us change is possible, and 2) because we imagine what it would be like if our dreams came true.

Whether or not you have boatloads of money sitting around for home makeovers or not, there’s a small Before & After project that may make more of a drastic  impact than you can imagine. It’s upgrading your garage door. You wouldn’t believe the transformations we’ve seen with a simple garage door update. Check out this Before & After above to see what we mean.

All it takes is a little facelift to the outside of your house to make it look like new. With the housing market booming in 2017, this could be the only thing you need to do to increase your ROI and to take your house a notch above the others in your neighborhood.

It’s a little daunting to think about getting a new garage door. How do you know your “after” will look as good as what you envision? There are a couple ways to tell. You can read our blog about Things You Should Know When Looking for a Garage Door to help you make the decision. You also are more than welcome to swing by our Worthington showroom and see what the Clopay garage doors we sell look like up close and personal.

We’re Deluxe Door Systems. We do a ton of Before & After transformations and would love to make your home one of our next. It’s a big decision, so if you’d like some more information and a quote, just give us a call. We’d be happy to let you know pricing and what the different options might look like at your house. We service Worthington, Delaware, Gahanna, Bexley, Upper Arlington, Grandview, Clintonville, Victorian Village, Pataskala, Hilliard, Grove City, West Jefferson, German Village, and any and everywhere in between.

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