Yep. We do heavy lifting, too.

We’ve been doing highly rated commercial garage door work in Columbus for the last 25-years. A lot of companies do commercial and industrial overhead doors, so why choose us? Because we’re better at it. That’s why. For instance, a semi-truck drove straight through a commercial garage door. We got out there in the same day and not only replaced the garage door, but also replaced the entire door frame to make sure everything was safe and sound. All in a day’s work.

We follow a simple, two-step plan:  1) We use the best stuff – Clopay, and 2) We only give-a-care about what you want. When we focus on YOUR job, your business, your need, and your pocketbook, it’s always WIN-WIN. That simple two-step plan is the reason we’re loved. You can’t cut corners or do “band-aid” fixes in the commercial garage door world. It’s too dangerous for your employees and too expensive for you. We’ve got the equipment and the experience to get it done right the first time at a top-notch price.

What we use

Clopay is the preferred manufacturer and supplier of upward acting door systems throughout North America. Clopay offers architects, developers, building professionals, and specifiers the most extensive commercial overhead and rolling steel product offering in our industry. We also offer a complete line of operators, accessories, and special products to complement a wide array of commercial design and building applications. If durability, energy efficiency, safety, reliability and aesthetics are important, Clopay’s commercial product offering has a solution for you.

Sectional Doors

Intellicore Insulated Overhead Doors

3700 series | r-values to 22.2

We literally pumped these commercial garage doors full of foam and even coated the inside and outside to prevent rust. All that insulation means more money for you and more reliable doors for your business. We usually install these doors in firehouses, warehouses, and municipal buildings.

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Polystyrene Insulated Garage Doors

3150, 3200, 3300 series | r-values to 12.15

Get these doors if you want something that will last a long, long time – even through those beyond-winter winters in Ohio. We can install these doors in municipal buildings, warehouses and shipping dock applications, or wherever you need to improve your energy costs.

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Insulated Ribbed Steel Doors

500, 600 vinyl or steel back series

These Clopay ribbed steel commercial doors will take those rigorous challenges of time and weather and eat them for dinner. Durable. Reliable. Quality. That says it all. There are a few different models to pick from so you can choose which gauge fits your building best.

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Aluminum Full View Commercial Doors

900 series

Who doesn’t want more windows at work? The Clopay Full-View aluminum series doors can be installed as a standard commercial garage door for service stations, car dealerships, or for the trendy retail shops, offices, and swanky restaurants. Your business will stand out with these designer commercial garage doors.

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Non-Insulated Ribbed Steel Doors

500, 600 series | (20, 24, 25 gauge steel)

If you don’t care as much about the insulation and just want some sturdy commercial garage doors that will last day after day of rigorous use, these are right up your alley.

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Rolling Doors

Commercial Service Doors

cesd series

This Clopay system lets you hide your commercial door when you need to and bring it down when you’re “closed for business”. We have different gauges, colors, slat-profiles, and even different opening mechanisms to make your door a perfect fit. Clopay’s service doors can accommodate most openings and building requirements.

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Counter Doors / Shutters

Clopay counter shutters (doors) are ideal for concession areas, cafeterias, pharmacies, cashiers, parts and tool storage areas where resistance to flame spread or smoke penetration is not required.

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Security Grilles

cesg series

This Clopay open air model provides security with full visual access and plenty of air circulation. Their visual openness and strong build are ideal for keeping your stuff safe. Side-folding grilles are also available in various models and colors. These doors can be installed in shopping malls, convention centers, schools, garages and other institutional, commercial and retail projects.

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Roll-up Sheet Doors

models 150c, 157c, 160c

Roll-up sheet doors are ideal for mini warehouse and storage facilities. You can choose the model, gauge, and color to fit your needs.

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Specialty Commercial Products

Specialty Products & Accessories

If you’re sick of having to put the door up and down, up and down, every time you go inside, check out our pass doors, breakaway bottom doors, dock seals, and chain link and security screen doors. There may be some special commercial products and accessories you never knew about that could change the way you do business and save you money.

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