Two (Legit) Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door This Winter

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In the middle of winter, we're going to tell you something strange. Winter's a great time to get a new garage door. "Well of course you'd tell me that," you say with an eye roll. "You're a garage door company." And you'd be 50% correct. We're always selling garage doors. (And after 30 years in business, we probably even do it in our sleep.) But there are a couple other pieces of logic to back our statement up.   Two (Legit) Reasons You Should Replace Your Garage Door This Winter: Grumpetty-Grump Garage Doors. Garage doors tend to break down and...
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Do You Have a Slacker at Home?

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It's evident when you have a slacker in your house. Every day you wonder whether the slacker is just gonna do its job (cause that's all you ask of it, right?). Luckily for you, we eliminate slackers.  For the last three decades, we’ve been Columbus’ go to fixer for slacker... garage doors. Yea. Garage doors are the worst slackers. They love to just sit there when they should be --- getting UP and doing something. And they groan and grumble when their buttons are pushed. If your garage door is being a slacker now -- it’s only gonna get worse...
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$99 Garage Door Tune-Up | Prevent Major Winter Repairs

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If your garage door is being a drama-queen now -- it’s only gonna get worse when the cold hits. Maybe it's cranky and clanky. Or it's making annoying screeching sounds while acting all….. up and down. Or maybe when you need your garage door to do something, it's just…... "stuck up." (Get it?) In all seriousness, the reason we know they're such a pain is because our team has been Columbus' go-to garage door fixer for over 25 Ohio winters. And if there's ever a time for your "garage door drama queen" to act up, it's coming up real soon....
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Which Type of Garage Door is Best?

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There are so many different types of garage doors you can choose from, so how do you know which one is best? We decided to put a pro-con list together for the three most popular types of garage doors to give you an idea of what might fit your home best: #1 - Glass Garage Doors They're sweeping the nation in popularity with their modern look, and there are multiple reasons glass garage doors are the bees knees. Pros: They're some of our prettiest garage doors and tend to be the perfect fit for people who want the modern look....
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Restaurant Garage Doors

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The new Gahanna "Sports Bar for Foodies" The sports bar scene and brewery boom in Columbus has kept us busy installing glass restaurant garage doors the last 5 years. And business isn't slowing down. On June 27th, SuperChef's founder Darnell Ferguson launched his newest restaurant venture - Stadium Sports Bar - in Gahanna's Creekside Plaza. He refers to it as "a sports bar for foodies." The drool-worthy debate: Some of Stadium's most delicious features, in our obviously unbiased-garage-door-installer opinion, are the custom glass garage doors. But they'd be the first to argue that their best features are: Flaming Hot Mac...
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Carriage House Garage Doors

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"Just stand there and look charming...  Move only when I ask you to. And don't... break... ANYTHING." You might say that to your kids. And we think it's pretty relatable to garage doors, too. When you're shopping for that perfect garage door, you want it to do two things - 1) Look pretty, and 2) Never break. Ohio weather may not let you get away with #2, but we're pretty sure we can make both of those come true for a long, long time. Especially with our Clopay Carriage House Garage Doors. Carriage houses don't really exist anymore, but modern...
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Your Favorite Columbus Spots & Our Favorite New Guy

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We've been around the city installing commercial garage doors for local businesses and restaurants. And thanks in part to a continually growing industry you all know and love, you've probably seen some of our Clopay Avante glass garage doors around Columbus...   You Might Know These Places Seventh Son Brewing | Italian Village Wolf’s Ridge Brewing | Columbus Prohibition Gastro Lounge | Powell Our garage door team has always been "stacked" (in our humble opinion), with a wide array of experience and garage door know-how -- which lets us do some awesome installations at breweries, restaurants, and other local spots....
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Choosing the Right Garage Door Style

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Choosing a new garage door might seem a little overwhelming at first. What style will look good on my house? And how do I know for sure the color will be right? The good news is, we've got some different styles to show you, along with some helpful ways you can have peace of mind when purchasing a new garage door. Find your look. We've assembled a lineup of Clopay garage doors to give you an idea of which styles you're drawn to. (Clopay is a leading manufacturer of drool-worthy garage doors in the U.S. Their garage doors are crazy...
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Tax Refund Smart Investment

Tax Refund ROI – Get the Most Out of Your Return

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You can buy a lot of things with $2,725. That's the average tax refund people received in the US in 2019. You can buy a couple pair of really nice leather boots. Or maybe 10 packs of gold plated staples. Or you can invest in something that will be around for the next 10 years. This is the part where you say, "Okay, you're a garage door company. Of course you want me to buy a new garage door." It's true. We think using your tax refund for a new garage door is a smart decision. What you may not...
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Why You Should Read the Boring Stuff When Buying a New Garage Door

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If you've researched new garage doors at all, you'll find a little descriptor that mentions "R-Value." This is the point in the story where most people's eyes glaze over with boredom. However, if you're buying a new garage door, you may want to read a short blurb about what R-Value is. For all the science-haters: The higher the R-Value on a garage door, the more it stops heat from entering or exiting your house.  For all the science nerds: R-Value is the measure of thermal resistance. The R-Value will help with conductive, convective, and radiative heat transfers but doesn’t account...
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